Krav Maga Stances

Actually the stances mean the body position.Unlike other martial arts which have many type of stances like horse stancing etc.
But krav maga differentiate himself from other martial arts on various basis.One of the base is stances.
Krav maga have only two stances
  • Neutral or passive stance
  • Fighting Stance.

 Neutral stances
The daily walking position or position that we bear while street walking.
It is for the condition when you walk on the street and some catch you and begin beating you or either attack on you.So while training you have to learn techniques you have to use in case of neutral stance..
stances 2

 And then follow the krav maga levels.
Fighting Stance
This is the special fighting position when you fight against someone.Means when you are ready to fight or your mind is ready for fighting..
Krav maga fighting stances
                                         Krav Maga Fighting Stances Video


Mostly attacker attack on you when you are in neutral stance.Because in neutral stance you are walking or traveling without any fear and not think about any accident.
Then attacker attack on you either from back and ask for money using any weapon i.e knife,gun etc.When you see weapon you at once come in fear and afraid of it and give the money or violet to attacker.

In other martial arts there are many stances but krav Maga have only due to which krav maga is different to learn in short time except to others

                                          Defensive Against a Attack Video