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krav maga pdf
Krav maga pdf is the complete guide in which you can get information about Krav maga i.e why his techniques are different from other martial arts,4 level you must know before getting krav maga training,how his tactics is unique as compared to others,various attacking techniques as well as defensive techniques etc.
No other martial art taught you defensive as well as attacking techniques in a very short time except krav maga.Because his techniques is based upon the natural movements and momentum of body.
krav maga pdf pro techniques
Before admitting yourself in the krav maga training you should know about these four level for harmed any opponent and victim
  1. Attack on the weaker points
  2. Defend yourself and attack with utmost force
  3. 300% Defense technique
  4. Face different situation and looking ahead

Attack on the weaker point of Victim
This is the basic and important point of training that you should attach on the weaker point so that victim harmed and raised a white flag
  • First you have to analyse his weaker points during action.
  • Then make a illustration in your mind
  • Plan how to attack effectively
  • You should must attack with utmost power with technique.
  • Your attack should not be uneffective.
Defend yourself and attack with full force
While training you taught a defensive as well as attacking techniques.When someone attack on  you must follow these strategies
  • First defend your victim using various defending techniques
  • Second analyse the weaker points of victim
  • Using various attacking techniques attack on the victim and get him down
300% Defence techniques
It is also one of the basic core of martial arts specially krav maga that you must know about it also you should practice while fighting
  • Suppose Victim attack on you using any weapon or either with punch or with some solid thing
  • First you must use the defensive technique and defend yourself.
  • Second tried your best to create a distance between you and your victim so that you analyse his/her weaker points.It is one of the core that there is must a some difference between you and your victim
  • Third analyse the weak point i.e ankle,some joints of body that you taught while training.
  • Attack on victim using attacking techniques and tend him to surrender.


Does not use these action if your victim have any weapon.Use only krav maga attacking and defensive techniques
stabbing defensive beware-krav Maga
stabbing defense tips

Face different situation and looking ahead
It’s not must that you have to face same situations like you face during training.Attacker attack on you and creating different situation that you have not face ever.So these step you should folowed again
  • Defend yourself using defensive techniques
  • Tried their best to make a distance between you and attacker.
  • Analyze him/her weak points
  • And then bombarding on victim using attacking techniques and force him to raise a white flag and surrender


Here is the example of distance creating between you and victim.It must not that you have also  this availabilty of things i.e boxes,drums etc which help you you creating great distance and make easier for you to analyze yor victim.
defending distance tips

How Krav Maga is different from other Martial Arts

As compared to other martial art,Krav Maga does not consist upon any body position which is against the natural motion.Krav Maga is popular for its easiness as well as fast training and learning.It also have levels like ohter
  • White belt
  • Orange belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt(It is considered as expert)
It totally consist upon the momentum of the body rather than the special type of motion for which you have to practise a lot.Because when anyone fight using the momentum of their body and natural motion then he fight better than others and hit the victim hard.His body weight and mass act very much to give your opponent a serious hit.

Various Attacking Techniques

Krav Maga Stances

  • Neutral Stance  
  • Fighting Stance

Krav Maga Punches & Strikes

  • Cross Body Punch  
  • Elbow Strike
  • Eye Strike
  • Hammer Fist
  • Headbutt
  • Hook Punch
  • Inside Chop  
  • Mouth of Hand  
  • Outside Chop
  • Palm Heel Strike
  • Straight Punch
  • Uppercut Punch

Krav Maga Kicking Techniques

  • Axe Kick
  • Back Kick
  • Front Kick
  • Vertical Front Kick  
  • Heel Kick
  • Knee Strike
  • Round Knee Strike
  • Round Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Slap Kick
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Spinning Outside Slap Kick  
  • Sweep With Forward Kick
  • Sweep With Heel Kick
  • Sweep with Round Kick
  • Uppercut Back Kick

Krav Maga Grappling Techniques

  • Arm Bar From Guard
  • Defense Against Full Nelson
  • Escape From A Mounted Choke
  • Escape From Mount
  • Escape From Guard
  • Guard Reversal
  • Guillotine Choke
  • Guillotine Choke Escapes
  • Headlock From Behind On The Ground
  • Escape Headlock On The Ground
  • Side Mount Escapes
  • Defense Against Being Straddled With Wrists Pinned
  • How To Bridge  
  • Sacrifice Throw
  • Shoulder Throw
  • Single Leg Takedown
  • Double Leg Takedown
  • Triangle Choke
  • Triangle Choke Escapes

    How To Fall If Knocked To The Ground

  • Back Fall Break
  • Side Fall Break
  • Backward Roll
  • Forward Roll

Krav Maga Ground Fighting Techniques

  • Ground Defensive Positions  
  • How To Get Back Up From The Ground
  • Front Kick From The Ground
  • Round Kick From The Ground
  • Side Kick From The Ground

Various Defensive Techniques

Krav Maga Defenses Against Weapons

  • Defense Against A Gun To The Front
  • Defense Against A Gun To The Rear
  • Defense Against A Gun To The Side
  • Defense Against A Gun While Kneeling
  • Defense Against A Knife To The Front
  • Defense Against A Knife To The Rear
  • Defense Against A Knife To The Throat
  • Defense Against A Rifle
  • Defense Against A Stick Or Bat
  • Defense Against A Low Stick Strike  
  • Defense Against A High Stick Strike  

Defenses Against Bear Hugs, Headlocks & Chokes

  • Defense Against A Bear Hug From Behind  - Or Defense Against A Rear Bear Hug
  • Defense Against A Bear Hug From The Front  - Or Defense Against A Front Bear Hug
  • Escape A Choke From Behind  - Or Defense Against A Rear Choke
  • Escape A Choke From The Front  - Or Defense Against A Front Choke
  • Escape A Choke From The Side  - Or Defense Against A Side Choke
  • Escape A Choke With Attacker In Mount  
  • Escape From A Full Nelson
  • Escape From A Rear Headlock  (Standing Headlock) - Or Defense Against A Headlock          From Behind
  • Escape From A Side Headlock  (Standing Headlock) - Or Defense Against A Headlock From The Side

Defenses Against Wrist Grabs

  • Opposite Side Wrist Release
  • Same Side Wrist Release
  • Wrist Release When Held By Two Hands  - How to escape an opponent who has grabbed your wrist with his two hands.
  • Escape When Both Wrists Are Held  - Double wrist escape or How to escape an opponent who has grabbed both of your wrists.

Defenses Against Hair Grabs

  • Escape From A Front Hair Grab
  • Escape From A Side Hair Grab
  • Escape From A Rear Hair Grab

Defenses Against Other Grabs

  • Escape From A Foot Grab

Defenses Against Carjackings, Hostage Situations, etc.

  • Defense Against Carjacking
  • Defense Against Hostage Situations  - When grabbed by an assailant armed with a gun.

Defenses Against Multiple Opponents

  • Drill for Multiple Opponents Training
Defenses Against Punches

  • Defense Against Hook Punch
  • Defense Against Straight Punch
  • Defense Against Uppercut Punch
  • Defense Against Punches When Mounted  - Defense Against Punches When An Attacker Is On Top Of You
  • 360 Defense
Defenses Against Kicks & Knee Strikes

  • Defense Against A Front Kick
  • Defense Against A Knee Strike
  • Defense Against Round Kick
  • Defense Against High Round Kick
  • Defense Against A Low Round Kick  
  • Defense Against Side Kick
  • Defense Against Spinning Heel Kick


I hope this Krav Maga Pdf   give you great knowledge and raise light on the various defensive as well as fighting techniques which is for various position like ground position,when victim is very close to you etc.I tried my best to raise light on every aspect if you have any problem and confusion about anything then informa me in the comments.If you like my post then give me a  reaction at the end of the post.Not forget to share this useful article on the social media like facebook,twitter as well as delicious.
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